About Us

With grass roots stemming from an old clan, we grew out to become our own entity. Aimed at bringing great times to all those who joined us in our journey.
Fireside Gaming Community, lead by Gerhard, was founded by Ronin (previously known as IceSkater) and Rambo Flaming Dart helped to co-found the community. Rambo has likewise invested a great amount of time in seeing the community rise.
High Performance Servers

We work very closely with our hosts to ensure our players always have a seamless experience when playing on our servers.

Great Atmosphere

We aren’t looking to start wars and thus wars don’t seem to find us. We keep our community civilized and promote a fun environment for everyone.


We will always be here to help out. If someone needs assistance with something, we will do our best to find the answer if we don’t already have it.

The team

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Admins