Rising Storm 2: Vietnam

Welcome to the front lines soldier! It’s time to hit the dirt and look death right in the eyes on the battlefield!
Launched in 2017, this game hit the ground running and is still fuming plumes of steam with no signs of slowing down any time soon.

Those who are familiar with games such as Battlefield Vietnam will appreciate the teamwork needed to win battles in this fast & action packed game.

Brute force your way through enemy lines as a Grunt or take up a camping role as a sniper! If those roles don’t suit your gameplay, other roles such as Engineer, Grenadier, Radioman & Commander are available.

That is of course just the tip of the iceberg, try the game out for yourself and while you’re there, come join us! Click here to check out the game on Steam!

Custom & vanilla maps

You can view our current map rotation by clicking the button below. Our server runs a historical map rotation, ensuring our players are truly immersed into a journey through time.

Our server rules

We do our best to not be too strict. However, our priority is that everyone that visits our server has a good time. Please check out our rules by clicking on the button below.

Our server join info, ranks & who’s online at the moment.